ELITE Member Miles Gordon

In Member Highlights by Alyssa Crame

Colorado native Miles Gordon moved to Las Vegas in 2009 to study hotel management at UNLV. He put his education to good use, joining The Cosmopolitan nearly four years ago. For the past several months, Gordon has been group reservations manager, assisting large groups staying on the property, from check in to check out. Off the clock, he loves hiking, painting and exploring the city’s food scene. He’s a great source for on Vegas, and recommends seeking advice from the property’s dealers, waiters, concierge and front desk agents, too. “We have such diverse people (working here), you’ll get a ton of really good recommendations for all around the city,” he said. He shared some of his tips with VEGAS2GO readers.

What are some highlights of your property?
I really love our new sports book—it’s insanely gorgeous and hip. I feel like the new space on the first floor is open and welcoming but still has details all around, making it feel super cool, like a lounge or club.

What do you mainly assist guests with and when should they seek your help?
I work with guests to make sure they’re happy with room arrangements. I tell a lot of people to come to me with any questions—I am always happy to help or make sure someone is pointed in the right direction.

What is one of the best-kept secrets of Las Vegas?
Golden Tiki off Spring Mountain Road is one of the most interesting bars I’ve been to in Las Vegas. It’s themed down to the last detail, and has wicked-good signature drinks. Last time I was there, everyone was dancing in the back room to classic ’50s music. It was such a trip!

Anything new that a tourist should definitely know about?
Downtown is constantly evolving and becoming the hot spot for the newest boutique restaurants. Any foodie coming into town should really check out the restaurants and bar scene. Side note: The Cosmopolitan is opening a ton of cool, new food options this year, so I’m super excited about all of those.

What has surprised you most about this job?
Mostly, I’m surprised by how many amazing companies come to Las Vegas to do business; it’s been such a pleasure working with all kinds of industries from music and cars to alcohol and technology.

What offbeat tip can you offer visitors?
Try to do some research about what might be in town during the time you are looking to come. I’ve seen a lot of guests have trouble on their trip because they came during a huge event without knowing it such as Electric Daisy Carnival, fight weekend or CES. Those weekends can be some of the most fun with the right planning, but if not, a lot of the restaurants are completely booked and transportation can be a nightmare.

What restaurants/lounges/bars have a romantic atmosphere?
Rose. Rabbit. Lie., because it’s unique and beautiful. I’m obsessed with the duck pasta and caviar flat bread. I think any date night there would be memorable because you never know what is going to happen—there is live entertainment most nights, and the ambience is elegant and quirky. I also love Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for lunch or dinner. It’s great sitting out on their terrace people watching, and enjoying the fountain show every 30 minutes.

Do you have any insider tips to getting the best out of a Las Vegas vacation?
When coming with groups for business, try to take advantage of the group rate that is offered. Most of the time the hotel will allow you to book pre/post nights at the cheaper rates, sometimes including weekends. This allows guests to have two kinds of trips—business and pleasure.

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