Heart-in-Your-Throat Action

Thrillseekers, be advised. You may have experienced roller coasters and other stomach-twisting bliss. But unless it’s 100 stories off the ground, you ain’t seen nothing … yet. Bachman Turner Overdrive could’ve hardly conceived of Big Shot, Insanity, X-Scream and SkyJump, thrill rides atop the Stratosphere (702.380.7777).

X-Scream simply dangles riders over the side of the tower. Insanity dangles riders over the side … and then spins them around at up to 3 Gs. Big Shot takes them higher, propelling riders an extra 160 feet straight up in the air at 45 mph and both negative and positive Gs are involved.

SkyJump Las Vegas is even more heart-pounding, rocketing you off the side of the hotel tower as you plummet 855 feet to the ground. For those want to take the plunge, have a cocktail at the 108th floor Air Bar to work up the nerve and then take your leap. What a thrill, indeed. –Jack Houston